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Swamy's Handbook for CGS 2017
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Dedicated to Central
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An institution is said to be only a lengthened shadow of the individual who created it. The institution is the echo of the experience of the Founder, Shri P Muthuswamy.

S Sathyamoorthy
Accountant - General, Tamilnadu

Swamys office is a model of efficiency and upto-dateness, spotlessly clean, where every employee and subordinate works with satisfaction and joy.

Rev. Fr V. Lawrence Sundaram S.J.
Former Principal, Loyola College, Chennai

The expansion of Swamy Publishers would not have been possible but for Shri Muthuswamy's stupendous personal devotion and industry.

G N Subramanian
Accounts Officer, P & T (Retd)

ln spite of his striking success, Mr. Muthuswamy has remained to his friends and erstwhile colleagues, the same Mr. Muthuswamy when they first met. I had always wondered at the deep compassion Mr. Muthuswamy had for the less fortunate.

V. S. Rajagopalan
Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser (Retd)
Ministry of Supply and Rehabilitation

Mr. Swamy is an entrepreneur with a difference. The publishers are celebrating their success story to inspire continiuing success in the succeeding decades as well.

K. R Venkataraman
Former Company Secretary
Computer Maintenance Corpn. Ltd
Manager, J. C Penny (USA) Mumbai

The entire army of employees in Government and Public Sector Undertakings shall remain ever grateful to Shri P. Muthuswamy who has brought success within their easy reach.

M. K. Ramachandran
Asst. Superintendent of Post Offices, Cannanore

This book contains CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981, Scheme for providing immediate relief, Premature Retirement, Pro rata Retirement Benefits on Permanent Transfer, The Pensions Act, 1871 etc. Incorporates Government's orders based on Sixth Pay Commission's Recommendations A well classified subject-wise index of rules and orders added at the end.

Instructions on precis-writing and drafting meant for examinations of all standards from clerical to Group 'A' Hints on comprehension exercises, vocabulary and word power. Exhaustive list of idioms and phrases. Questions from various examinations included with answers. Exhaustive lessons on grammar and syntax – a speciality. A dependable bridge to walk over examinations to success.

Is an exhaustive treatise on everything every Govt Employee ought to know for observance,maintenance and enforcement of discipline inside and outside the office.Describes in detail Employee code of conduct,corrective steps against breach of discipline,penalties for major and minor offences,departmental disciplinary allowance and restoration of pay etc.

Guidelines regarding Family pension, commutation, Dearness Relief and Family Pension. Group Insurance/Savings Fund, GPF, Deposit linked Insurance and Medicare, Compassionate appointments to dependants , retention/ad hoc allotment of quarters., leave encashment, TA etc., All benefits available on retirement and on death. Completely revised as per latest orders.

This manual contains all about Financial Management and control,Accounting procedure,Drawal of cheques,regulation of allowances,provident funds,group insurance.Incorporates the latest orders on Fifth Pay Commission's recommendations.A unique presentation in simple language on the Accounting procedure under the departmentalized accounting system. Most indispensable for all DDOs/Heads of Offices.

Government's order regarding –New restructured Defined Contribution Pension System Guidelines for implementation Instructions on accountal of contributions.All related forms.

Rules for Allotment of Government Residences Out of turn Allotment of Government residences Retention of residence consequent to transfer / retirement / death. Ad hoc allotment to dependents Licence Fee for different types of residences Retention of residence when transferred to N.E. Region and A & N Islands etc.Competent authorities under the S.Rs. Updated as per Sixth CPC.

Implementation of Sixth Pay commission Report. Revised updated edition.

A Treatise dealing with Travelling Allowances, Joining Time and Leave Travel Concession. Incorporates the latest amendments based on the recommendations of Fifth pay Commission including treating DA up to 50% as Dearness Pay.Numerous original illustrations and explanations included. A complete guide to practical examinations of all standards. A handy guide for day-to-day in all Government offices.

A treatise on CCS Leave Rules incorporating the latest amendments with numerous original illustrations and explanations. Revised as per Government's orders on Fifth Pay commission's recommendations. A complete guide to practical examinations. A little giant at your service.


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