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Swamy Publishers (P) Ltd. is a company mainly publishing books on Central Government Rules, ably edited by an experienced team of intellectuals well-versed in the rules and procedure of the Central Government. Many field offices of various Departments of Central Government and many Public Sector Undertakings who follow the rules of the Central Government are scattered over the length and breadth of the country. There is always a long gap between the date of issue of an order and its reaching the field office in a distant place. There are also cases where some of the orders do not reach some field units due to various reasons. This results in a lot of inconvenience to the staff at times, e.g., when a concession withdrawn or suspended is allowed to be availed by the staff, where the relevant orders withdrawing the same now reaches the lower formation, etc.

In order to fill up this gap and bring to the notice of all Central Government offices even in the remote corner the orders issued by the various Departments of the Central Government, our monthly journal SWAMYSNEWS was started. We circulated free copies from March, 1978 for four years. Due to the increase in demand and to ensure that every reader gets his copy continuously without interruption, it was made a subscribed journal. At the persistent request of many subscribers, a Case-Law section was included highlighting the important judgments of various Central Administrative Tribunals and Supreme Court on service matters.

Even before SWAMYSNEWS was started, we were receiving many letters from a number of Central Government employees and pensioners, asking for some clarifications pertaining to interpretation of rules, which are already available in our compilation or Guide Books. Still there used to be some hard cases where an official or pensioner was harassed due to lack of proper interpretation of the rules or otherwise. In such cases, we used to reply them quoting the relevant rules and our interpretation as to how the particular case should be settled. But generally many letters will relate to the same type of cases, for e.g., immediately after a pay commission report, letters will relate to pay fixation and immediately after grant of in situ promotion or ACP, majority of correspondence will relate to promotions.

Hence we decided to publish such letters and replies in a separate section "Readers' Forum" so that similarly placed persons can be benefited. Of course, the selection of letters for reply is at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board.

The journal has become very popular and many readers continue to subscribe even after their retirement from Government service